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Parcel to the camorra: pasta, sauce and wine to fight the mafia

The Association "culture against the camorra", which supports those who fights in the front line against organized crime, promotes the distribution of products in the NCO (new cooperation organized and, more specifically, of the Parcel to the camorra "( The proposed Package contains: -organic pasta, NCO brand, crafted in Gragnano, with 100% durum wheat […]

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Organization Republic day 2017

On the occasion of Republic day the Comites of Brussels, Brabant and Flanders would like to offer to the Italian community a public event with bands and stalls of local cuisine, to be organized in the afternoon/evening of 2 August at the chateau de Karreveld (Molenbeek). We ask you if you would be available to […]

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Evening of tribute to Carlo Lévi

  Tuesday, November 29 at 6 pm Evening of tribute to Carlo Lévi and gift of the book to the Jewish Museum of Belgium Evening of tribute to Carlo Levi, intellectual engaged Italian, painter, writer, author of the book “Christ stopped at Eboli” has this opportunity, the Foundation Giorgio Amendola and the Association Carlo Levi […]

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MARCINELLE 60 – nei sessant’anni dell’INCA in BELGIO L’EUROPA DEL LAVORO E DEI DIRITTI. SENZA FRONTIERE. Martedì 12 e Mercoledì 13 luglio 2016, Belgio foto di MPhotographe MARTEDI’ 12 luglio dalle ore 17:00 alle ore 24:00 (Presso “LA TENTATION”, Rue de Laeken 28, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgio) Ore 17.00 Saluto Introduttivo Stefano Tricoli (Presidente INCA Belgio) Anne […]

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MARCINELLE-President of Comites Brussels, Raphael partciperà 18 June at the meeting Saturday, Napolitano, promoted by the Comites of Charleroi, “Institutions and associations: roles and functions after 70 years of immigration in Belgium”, which will take place at “Bois Du Cazier” at Marcinelle, a symbol for Italian migration. In addition to analyzing the paths and the […]

The Comites meets Molenbeek Read more

The Comites meets Molenbeek

 The Comites meets Molenbeek During the 70 years of Italian immigration in Belgium, the municipality of Molenbeek organizes a series of events not to be missed, one in particular is the ' Music Festival '; concerts and street food but above all an occasion when the Comites, in collaboration with the municipality and the Councillor […]