Pasta, rata, etc…

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Pasta, rata, etc…

Italian immigration stories
by the workshop Theatre Action citizen Crea of souls.

A journey through time where the actors are continuously moving and you surprise by various sequences interspersed with songs, fashion shows and stories. Away from the moralistic speeches, it is also and above all a great human adventure which reminds us how events are not immutable and that it is important to remember lived almost suffering or far before asking a look scared or disdain others because he looks different.

Because at bottom we are not so different!

In 3 acts…

1st Act 1950 – the arrival of women from minors – installation in the camps…

2nd Act 1960 – steel – strikes…

Fashion show year sixties with the Western door space citizen couture workshop

The 3rd Act 2010 – immigration today

Prologue 2015-50 years of marriage to the Mayor grandson.

During each Act: projections of documents and archives which have a connection with the events of time. Music and songs.

The workshop Theater Crea of souls has made the entirety of the show: writing and staging (with the help of Michel VAN LOO Director of the theatre of the Jew’s harp), the comedian games, the lyrics of the song of the minor, the costumes and sets, as well as archives and documents (with the help of the GSARA).


Michèle Dekoninck – Rosa
Anne Marie Bruno – Rita
Jeanine Sanchez – Gina
Aline Timmermans – Sandra, Anna
Gerarda Lissena – Filippa
Raphaël Rosselli – Pino, the Savior, Gianni
Bensehil – Mehmet said,
Albert Faticati – Luigi, minor, nono, Francesco
Ludo Bael – the cure
Françoise Castin – Ms. Delatour
Annie Pierange – Fatima
Frida Doronzo – Philomena
Christian Pierard – trade unionist
Martine Brébion – the widow nona
Colette Wimotte – grand mother


Michel Van Loo, Director of the Theatre of the Jew’s harp.


Anna Malherba

Composition music

For the song by the minor, Benoît Caudron.


Olivier Bilquin


Fred Houtteman and trainees to Avanti Asbl


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